Couple counseling/Marital counseling: With couples and singles our highly trained, certified or licensed professionals tackle issues of anger, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, infidelity, and more. We also offer the Art of Relationship where we teach couples and singles the “skills” of relating and the underlying dynamics for sustaining intimacy.

Counseling Sessions for Individuals focus on specific life-draining problems such as depression and anxiety. Counseling can transform old negative patterns into growth potentials for true happiness and fulfillment, teaching new ways of thinking about oneself and the world as well as new ways of reacting. Psychotherapy also aids in healing emotional imprints from events such as sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse or neglect, and experiences of war or natural disasters.


The Enneagram Seminar teaches people about their innate temperaments or personalities which affect every aspect of their lives. Discovered by ancient cultures as they were searching for answers to life’s questions, it was written down by the Ancient Greeks. The Enneagram (ennea means 9 in Greek) provides a template for understanding our basic filter on the world: our motivations and our vulnerabilities as well as our gifts and burdens.

The Emotional Healing Workshop offers clients the opportunity to delve deeply into emotions to release and heal long held emotional imprints. Clients feel tremendous relief from releasing the well of pain which has been inhabiting their bodies and minds. A private session with a Center therapist is required before attending this workshop.

Testimonial about The Relationship skills class:

“We had a safe place to face our issues and a community to heal in.” “Tiny little truths unfolded and multiplied, leading to often breath-taking self-discoveries.” “This course has turned my life completely around.” “This has been a life altering experience.” “It’s a self-examination, not an attack, and you learn and want to change yourself instead of just being told what to do.”

Upcoming Workshops

               Emotional Healing Workshop 

               Weekend Theme:  Negative Messages

                             March 1 & 2, 2024

                           (Register on workshop page.)

                         Enneagram Seminar

Winter 2024 

                                  (details coming soon)

The Art of Relationship Workshop 

Spring 2024 TBD







Emotional Healing Workshop
Weekend Theme: 
Negative Messages

March 1 & 2, 2024

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