PAIRS Testimonials

“A gift of a lifetime.” “Great course, much needed, saved my marriage! We are MUCH BETTER-now that we have tools to help us continue communication, even during stressful times or situations.” “When I realized I was appreciating the movement we each were making independently was the point at which I felt more confident that we were going to be successful.”

“We had a safe place to face our issues and a community to heal in.” “Tiny little truths unfolded and multiplied, leading to often breath-taking self-discoveries.” “This course has turned my life completely around.” “This has been a life altering experience.” “It’s a self-examination, not an attack, and you learn and want to change yourself instead of just being told what to do.”

“Fabulous Leaders…We love you”! .” “Lynn, Clyde and Marian were great facilitators. They bring both the program experience from past courses and personal examples to demonstrate the use and benefit of the teaching tools.” “Clyde & Marion’s story provided a continuing source of hope, that a relationship can be salvaged. Each, have an open and accepting style that facilitates sharing & honesty.” “Great support & knowledge; firm control when needed by Lynn.” “All other participants were great! Clyde & Marion were wonderful people to learn from. They are such a loving, caring couple. Lynn was a great instructor.” “I honestly can’t think of anything the leaders could have done better-their knowledge, commitment and passion are amazing. Having Clyde & Marian as a “PAIRS success story” was wonderful.” “Leaders were wonderful-warm, caring, and supportive.”

“The DTR’s (Daily Temperature Readings) created a renewed communication between us. We have also, begun the use of caring behaviors that have made a difference in our relationship.” “The emotional release of things kept inside for years, participating in the Velcro-web, fair fight for change, every session had something for me.”

“I took the PAIRS Course as a single person. I was a bit intimidated taking it alone, but found that there were other singles at the course as well, one of which I was paired up with. The course offers so much material that relates to you as an individual, like the Family Dynamics Exercise and the Family Genome, that the course is well worth taking even if you’re not in a relationship. And in a way, not taking the course with someone you are in a relationship with takes away a lot of the stress of your partner’s reaction to your answers to the exercises. You can just be you and express your thoughts and complete the exercises as yourself. It was very free-ing. I learned a lot.”

Therapist Testimonials:

Lynn Testimonials

“Lynn is a gifted therapist-insightful, obviously experienced, very patient and supportive style.”

“Lynn Turner is a miracle worker of the mind. Others call her a surgeon of the psyche. Whatever her name, just call her. Then prepare to receive kind words, knowledge, and ultimately, vast amounts of relief. “

“Exploring relationships and self awareness can be as difficult as mountain climbing without oxygen. Do yourself a favor. Grab an oxygen canister and give Lynn a call. She has a backpack full of tools to help, knows the route up the icy slopes, and will guide you step by step. The view is great from the top!”

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