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In our counseling we offer guidance, insight and the chance for emotional healing. We provide therapy for deeper issues of trauma and neglect. We address not only the behavioral and cognitive aspects, but also the emotional aspects of troubling issues. Often clients realize that they did not learn what they need to know to lead a happy productive life -or- what they learned does not help them achieve this. Clients resolve past and current issues to find they’ve changed their approach to life. This leads to happier lives with a fuller sense of the real self, more loving and more connectedness.

Clinical Staff

Lynn Turner, PhD, LCSW, Director, A Center for Relationships

img In addition to individual sessions, Lynn leads The Art of Relationship Skills Class, The Enneagram Seminar and The Emotional Healing Workshop. She also leads bi-weekly emotional healing groups for relationship issues and childhood abuse and neglect issues The group dynamic allows for validation of emotions and reactions as well as the cognitive restructuring of old messages. Old emotional imprints and the resulting thoughts and reactivities are dissolved. New awareness of the “true” self emerge and individuals begin to lead their lives differently.

Lynn has an intense interest in how the brain functions, and the nature of consciousness, research, taking classes and attending conferences on these subjects. She encourages clients to integrate mind, body, energy and spirit through knowledge and practice. Lynn initiated the community offering, Healthcare Discovery Series, a monthly lecture on healthful options. She has published in professional journals and presents at professional conferences yearly. Lynn was a board member of the United States Association of Body Psychotherapists.  Lynn was s a PAIRS Master Teacher, having taught more than 20 PAIRS courses for couples and completed three research projects on PAIRS. 

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Clyde Horton, O.D. Consultant; Coach

Clyde completed the PAIRS Mastery course in 2002 with his wife of 28 years, Marian. Since then he has received certification in the PAIRS and PEERS programs. Working with Dr. Turner and Marian he has co facilitated 8 PAIRS courses, these include the PAIRS Relationship Mastery, the Relationship Roadmap and Passage to Intimacy courses. In additional to his experience as a developing intimate marriage partner, Clyde brings his training in group facilitation and psycho-bonding to the classroom.

Articulate and inspiring, he is committed to breaking down barriers that stop people from being loving and supportive partners. Passionate about this work, his enthusiasm and love of people are contagious. He understands that the key to creating loving relationships is in valuing your self.

Over the course of a 30-year professional career in leadership and human resources he has developed an understanding that investing and growing your relationships is the basis for all success.

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Marian Horton, LCSW-C

Marian Horton has a master’s degree in Social Work from Howard University and is a certified PAIRS Leader. Marian specialties include mood disorders, ADD/ADHD, life transitions, and couples counseling. She has co-led the PAIRS Mastery course for six years. In the last 18 months she has trained at the Center in emotional healing therapy. Additionally, Marian works at the Commission for Women, Career and Counseling Center in Rockville, Md. where she provides therapeutic treatment and education to individuals, couples and support groups. At the commission, she has developed a deep understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultural needs of her clients.

Marian’s PAIRS experience began in 2002 when she and her husband, of 27 years, enrolled as participants in the PAIRS Mastery course. Since their successful completion of this intense 120 hour course, she has co-facilitated five Mastery courses and several other shorter PAIRS courses.

In a past career, Marian had over twenty five years of business; professional and career coaching; and mentoring experience. Marian brings a strong commitment to make a difference in the quality of life for everyone she touches.

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Liam, Our past Therapy Dog 

Liam was a fun-loving dog, full of energy and compassion. He loved attention and enjoyed quietly curling up on his bed in Dr. Lynn Turner’s office during therapy sessions with dog-friendly clients. He took both his protecting and soothing jobs very seriously. Therefore he barked if someone new entered Lynn’s office without being introduced, but he would also immediately appear by the side of a crying client.

Lynn and Liam

Lynn and Liam


"Trusting environment and open to all perspectives" "Tiny little truths unfolded and multiplied, leading to often breath-taking self-discoveries." "This course has turned my life completely around." "This has been a life altering experience." "It's a self-examination, not an attack, and you learn and want to change yourself instead of just being told what to do."


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