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PAIRSRome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good relationship. Falling in love is the easy part. Staying married or in a committed relationship requires healthy relationship skills and practice.

While the original PAIRS Relationship Mastery course is taught over six months, several seminars have been developed to teach relationship skills in shorter segments. In the Passage to Intimacy weekend, couples and singles learn basic skills in communication and conflict resolution. This weekend workshop is excellent for couples and singles, in any stage of a relationship.

The PAIRS Courses focus on the “skills” of relating and the underlying dynamics for sustaining intimacy. The courses take place in a group setting and the format is psycho-education. There is no required sharing in the PAIRS group setting. The usual session includes a lecture on a particular communication or conflict relationship skill, a demonstration of the skill, and the time for couples to practice the skills in dyads. Participants learn that differences are natural in each partnership and can enhance rather than detract from relationships. Communication skills create a level playing field for partners who are unequal in ability to confront. The confronter learns to listen while the listener learns to have a voice. Couples are also taught skills to enhance trust and affection. Couples end the course feeling closer to each other and more aware of how to sustain a loving, connected relationship. Singles end the course feeling stronger in their ability to relate to others as well as themselves. Insurance applies.

We have discovered however, that many couples and singles need more than the PAIRS Passage to Intimacy weekend. We therefore offer PostPAIRS sessions as monthly meetings following attendance in a PAIRS workshop. These Wednesday evenings (last Wed of month) are devoted to learning some additional skills and to practicing the PAIRS tools.

Course: PAIRS Weekend

Dates: See sidebar. (One Weekend)

Times / Duration:
Friday: 7PM – 10PM (3 hours)
Saturday: 10AM – 6PM (8 hours)
Sunday: 10AM – 2PM (4 hours)

PAIRS Weekend: $500 per person

Lynn Turner, PhD, LCSW
Elizabeth Anderson, LCSW
Clyde Horton, OD, Coach
Marian Horton, MSW, LGSW

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