PAIRS: The Premium Package

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a good relationship. Falling in love is the easy part. Staying married or in a committed relationship requires healthy relationship skills.

  1. Our leaders are licensed certified psychotherapists with over 30 year’s
    clinical experience.
  2. Our course combines not only the PAIRS program but offers you additional
    strategies, ideas, tools and research developed by Lynn Turner, PhD, LCSW.
  3. Our Premium training package may be insurance reimbursable.
  4. Our PAIRS courses incorporate the latest findings in brain research which
    helps you and your partner make changes more easily.
  5. Our trainings take place in our lovely, private, quiet, Old Town Alexandria,
    VA therapy center.
  6. We offer couples and singles therapy and additional classes for those who
    want to continue to enhance their relationships after PAIRS.
  7. Our PostPAIRS groups have been ongoing since 1993. They offer additional practice and the support of PAIRS graduates. Our PostPAIRS group meets bi-monthly on the last Wed of the month: January, March, May, July, September and November.

Satisfied Couples and Singles say:

“Great course, much needed, saved my marriage! We are MUCH BETTER-now that
we have tools to help us continue communication, even during stressful times
or situations.”

“Fabulous Leaders…We love you!”

“Clyde & Marian’s story provided a continuing source of hope, that a relationship
can be salvaged. Each, have an open and accepting style that facilitates sharing
& honesty”

“Great support & knowledge; firm control when needed by Lynn.”

“The DTR’s (Daily Temperature Reading) created a renewed communication between
us. We have also, begun the use of caring behaviors that have made a difference
in our relationship.”

“Lynn, Clyde and Marian were great facilitators. They bring both the program
experience from past courses and personal examples to demonstrate the use and
benefit of the teaching tools.”

”I honestly can’t think of anything the leaders could have done better-their
knowledge, commitment and passion are amazing. Having Clyde & Marian as a “PAIRS
success story” was wonderful.”

“The emotional release of things kept inside for years, participating in the
Velcro-web, fair fight for change, every session had something for me.”

“Leaders were wonderful-warm, caring, and supportive.”

“All other participants were great! Clyde & Marion were wonderful people to
learn from. They are such a loving, caring couple. Lynn was a great instructor.”

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