Date: TBD
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
7 CEUs= $125
Taught by Andrea Arden.


Reiki Level 1 – Grounded Hands-On Healing for Self and Others is a seven hour class.  A Reiki 1 manual will be given to the students.  The history, explanation and benefits of Reiki including how Reiki encourages an acceleration of the body’s own healing process will be in the manual and discussed.  A Reiki 1 attunement will be given to the students by Andrea Arden, a Reiki Master Teacher.  The Reiki practitioner symbol (the Reiki Power Symbol) will be shown and taught how to use.  Reiki hands-on healing techniques and hand positions for self and others are in the manual and time will be given to practice these.  Also, techniques for using the Reiki Power Symbol for protection and making sacred space will be shown and practiced.  There will be a discussion on the increased intuition and connection to higher self which happens with the practice of Reiki as well as how Reiki can be used for personal transformation and self-empowerment.  A Reiki 1 certificate will be given.


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