What is PAIRS?

PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) teaches the skills of relating and the underlying dynamics for sustaining intimacy. Participants are taught communication skills, self-understanding, conflict resolution techniques and tools for enhancing intimacy. While the course takes place in a group setting, the format is psychoeducation. The usual session includes a lecture on a particular communication or conflict relationship skill, a demonstration of the skill, and couples practicing the skill in dyads. PAIRS, taught in 35 states and 20 countries around the world, has been shown through research to have a statistically significant positive impact on marital satisfaction.

Why take a PAIRS course?

Participants learn that differences are natural in each partnership and can enhance rather than detract from relationships. The communication skills create a level playing field for partners who are unequal in ability to confront. The confronter learns to listen while the listener learns to have a voice. Couples are also taught skills to enhance intimacy, trust, and affection. Couples end the course feeling closer to each other and more aware of how to sustain a loving, connected relationship. Singles end the course feeling stronger in their ability to relate to others as well as to themselves.

Who takes PAIRS?

Couples and singles in any stage of a relationship have benefited from the skills taught in PAIRS. Those before marriage find that they learn communication skills which enable them to make a decision about commitment. Singles discover why a past relationship failed and/or how to sustain a new one. Those in a satisfactory marriage find that they enhance their relationship with more intimacy and connectedness. Those in a tentative marriage find that the conflict resolution skills reduce their tension allowing their latent love to return. Those who are separated have found that they can finally understand their differences and resolve their conflicts moving into either a better marriage or a separation/divorce with compassion.

Does PAIRS really work?

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Where and When is PAIRS held?

The Course is held at A Center For Relationships, 316 Commerce St., Alexandria, VA, three blocks from the King Street Metro. The lectures and demonstrations are held in the seminar room. While practicing the skills couples use several rooms at the Center. Use of private rooms for skill practice is available. The Relationship Mastery course takes place on six weekends and five Thursday evenings. The Passage to Intimacy course takes place over two weekends.  Click on desired course in sidebar to view course description and upcoming workshop dates.

Is PAIRS right for us?

Please call us to speak with one of our therapists about if PAIRS is right for you, to request more information by mail, and to ask any other questions you may have.

Please email [email protected] to speak with one of our PAIRS class leaders.

What does PAIRS cost?

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Can I contact the PAIRS Foundation?

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